Toy sword i just finished up

this a toy sword i made for my son i really like how it came out and wanted to share it.i did a write up on it in the projects section let me know what you guys think.


Nicely done, @GemelEButler. If you don’t want to sand the holes/pins to fit after cutting, make the holes a few thousands larger than the pins. Using the same vectors for parts that have to slip together leaves no room for slipping by each other, or glue.


the biggest problem i have is if i use easel to cut out circles they do not come out complete round if i use any thing else for my cam and sending they come out perfect IE (Fusion 360 or solid works and UGS ) so if i am making a project using easel i just know i am going to have to sand

That might be termed a “toy”, but I don’t want to get chopped on the back of the neck with it! Other than that, nice job.

ya i am waiting for the 9 year old to hit hes 16 your old brother with it. the sad part is when it happens ill probably just laugh knowing everything those two do to each other it will be just rewards just don’t tell there mom i said that

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I’m sure most every parent understands perfectly. Thanks for sharing.

I’m only just getting into milling and I’m not familiar with the software, but if there are any similarities to the circles I cut with my laser, it sounds like there’s a settings issue in the software controls. Double check your variables for speeds, x & y motor settings etc. sometimes not having the right values for my stepper motors can throw off or skew an image with the laser as it moves x or y faster in a curve. Think of it like twisting one nob faster than the other on an Etch A Sketch…

Laughing at your kids when they get hurt…the dark side of parenting! You’re not supposed to talk about it. But other parents…we get it, and we nod in silent approval!

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i guess for me it comes down to not being able to justify slower cut speeds in a 2d part adding 30mins to the cut time when it will take a min to fix it with some sand paper i am only talking about .010 of an inch might not seam like much but its enough to keep a pin from going through a hole