Tp-link tl-wr800n

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I do not have a desk or workstation near my laser to place my laptop. This will require a long Cable draped across the room. I have a tendency to trip on loose cables such as this. I have yanked things off of countertops when tripping over cords. This is why I want wireless. I can sit at my workstation and control the machine remotely without the cables causing an issue. The flash drive method is cumbersome when compared to wireless on the Ruida Controller. These are the reasons I want to go wireless. Just looking at safety and efficiency on my part. If my shop was set up differently then it might be a different story, but as of know I do not have a computer station close to laser that will allow cables to be ran without being in the way.

I appreciate you gentlemen sharing your knowledge

Thank you all.

You can run Ethernet cable to 1000 feet. Run the cable up to the ceiling across the room and back down. No tripping.

Wired is more reliable than wireless.

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This Laguna laser has caused you way too many issues.

If you’re set on wireless, save your headaches and buy another adapter that is English by default.

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One Amazon customer found a solution to the Chinese-only manual. Read the reviews. Hope it helps.

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