Tracing a line?

I have an SVG file that I have just lines on… no face to them. They are vent holes that I am doing for a case. I would like the machine to just plunge out the lines, but when I hit simulate, it tells me that there is nothing to cut. How can I have it route out the material on a line?

When the simulate tells me there is nothing to cut… its usually bit size.

Try with a smaller bit size… or like Bob suggested… try a wider line…

So, this is just a line… Not an object with multiple sides… So when I change the bit size, the line becomes more thick or thin depending on size. Is there a way to make the actual line have a width?

I assumed that I’d have to go back and make all my lines into shapes. :confused:

Could you make skinny rectangles?

I’m going to have to. I wish there was an easy way to convert lines to rectangles in SketchUp. I have about 250 lines I created for a custom hex design. This might take a few days.

Thanks for the help everyone!