Tracing Letters

Is there a way to just trace letters? Not like outlining them, but have is just make one pass to cut them out? My goal is a look like National Park signs…

Can you elaborate more.
I am not sure what you are trying to do.

I just want to make like one pass letters. You know the signs you see on hiking trails? they use a round over bit to carve them out?

can you post a picture.
most of the signs I have seen were done using a V-bit.
You can use a round over but I have never head of it used for a sign
You can make raised lettering then use a round over to go around it to round the edges?
This is if you do not have the 3d carving ability.
They used to use templates for creating rounded raised lettering.
Not sure what type of lettering your after but a picture would help.

Typically, signs are made with a v-bit or a core box bit. Here’s an example of what a woodworking supplier has available: link.

Looking at a selection of National Park signs, there’s not a lot of consistency. Some are serif fonts, others are sans-serif, some are thin fonts, some are bold.

To help you, we need to know more detail about what you want.

Here’s a logical option for NPS signage: NPS Fonts

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Right now I have Easel. Will be upgrading, no doubt. Not a fan of that program.

Thank you!


You will want to use a single line font and a v or core box bit. Search the forum for single line font, there are a couple of options of how to get and use them

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I think you are looking for a single line font.

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I am! You gots to get one in your easel setup. Thanks guys!

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Has anyone tried this?

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Whoops. Thanks @AngusMcleod I just fixed it.

I used that program years ago on my old machine and it did a decent job…Haven’t used it since I got my X-Carve and Vectric software.

Can you export from that program and then import it into Easel?

I would imagine (haven’t tried) just edit the header to make the code compatible with Easel. As long as it is not using any g-code not supported by GRBL/Easel.

Can you export an SVG?

Looks like DXF is the vector format it will save as…no mention of SVG.