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Tracing table (not auto generating) App

It would be nice to develop an App where I can just import a picture exactly how it looks and be able to trace over it on my own with lines and shapes. I dont want it to auto generate. Simply be on the bottom layer with a simple click on and off button for the original picture so I can see how my trace is going.

This will allow for tracing a lot of designs that are more lines blocks and circles. I have been trying to do stadium traces which have been failing when trying to just import the picture that auto generates. If I was able to just import the picture as is and trace over it i could trace the frame myself. This could also help with many other items I would expect.

Try Inkscape. It’s free. Does what you want.


As @JohnChamplain noted, Inkscape has that functionality β€” for objects which need to be a precise size, laying them against a grid for the photograph will allow precise sizing.

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I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

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