Tracking Carvey's Mileage

I created a simple excel sheet in Google Drive to track Carvey’s mileage.

It allows me to keep track of all the jobs ran on Carvey. Some of the fields that are not shown include the svg file name, description of the file, any comments on things I’ve learned and if the job succeeded or failed.

You can create and customize it to your own needs like adding a column to calculate power consumption based on the duration of usage and factoring that into the cost of your product. Just another thingy I figured might be useful to someone.



hey thats pretty sweet man would you provide the excel file?

You can make one on Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive.

Do you ever sleep? :smile: Great idea to get a sense of how long bits last as well… thanks for sharing. (can’t wait to order mine …)

I’m not using w\ a Carvey, but I added the following when I first setup my X-Carve and attached it to the Dewalt Spindle cord. I keep meaning to post a pic, but it’s not mounted nicely quite yet.

I don’t have a Carvey, but I suspect you could use this in conjunction with the machine to track total hours with the system on…

I have