Tracking in carve

I understand there are several variables when carving out of pine. The problem I see for me is the tracking in the bottom of the carve when finished. I have tried different ways and seem to get the same results. The tracking will vary from one end of the carve to the other.

If you are wanting to align the board to the X plane of movement, many will use a V bit and create a line (or grid of lines) along the X (and usually also along the Y as well) and this will give you a line to align the board to. Using the lines on the older wasteboard design will also work, BUT they would need to be aligned to the actual spindle movement, the waste board can not just be mounted down arbitrarily.

So what I hear you saying is that the waste board needs to be aligned or leveled to the router bit. I would assume you would have to shim the board from underneath. Is there a set procedure to do that and be sure it is correct.
Do not know if I am asking the question correct but my goal is to get the carve to be the same from place to place on the material I am using. I would post a picture but do not see that option.


No, instead surface the board using a surfacing bit…

However You could shim workpieces if you are unable to surface them …

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OK I Will watch the video and see if that helps. I did run some through the plainer but did not seem to help still got the same results. It is pretty hard to find a piece of pine that is not warped or knotty. Notice that some are worse than others these came from the same carve.

Thanks again

So I watched the video and I do understand what he is doing. I guess I did not give enough information on the entire carve. I am using tiling to carve these signs. They are 9.25" W X 48" long so from watching the video I would assume that I would need to do this process on each tile section. Like I said before it is hard to get a piece of pine that is not warped or bowed and running it through the plainer will not take out the bow. I will keep working on it until I get the look I am looking for.

Thanks again

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