Tracking machine hours

I haven’t had a chance to get this mounted nicely so I can provide a picture. I plan to cut out a piece of HDPE to hold it and some other switches, USB connection, but it’s taking a back seat to some of my other mods, so I figured I would get this out there just in case others wanted to do the same…

I’m a stickler for tracking machine usage for my generators, welders and other equipment that require regular PM, so I decided to do the same for the XCarve when I set it up.

It doesn’t track the Controller hours, and therefore not the time on the steppers, but I do have it attached to the power cord for the DeWalt, I suppose I could have done it for the controller PS as well, but didn’t think that far ahead …


how do you have it wired up?

I bought extension cord ends, made a short cord and wired it parallel to the white and black, then plugged the dewalt into it, and it into the IOT relay. Whenever the iot starts the relay, the counter starts. Works really well.

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