Tramming Attachment for 750

Hey, everyone. I still don’t have my machine up and running after 2+ years, mostly because I stop assembling to do stuff like this.

After tightening the gantry, hanging the Z-slider, and installing my table I took stock of the ZY tilt. It was pretty severe, and I didn’t want to use shims, losing all of that sweet contact between the slider and the carriage. I also didn’t want to rely solely on the “play” in the sideplate holes, so I made little attachment to allow for adjustment and hopefully help hold position. I wanted to avoid mods to the machine as much as possible (and could have done this without the holes if I took a little more time).

Anyway, I tend to overthink things, but this attachment worked really well on a quick test (with the router in place as well). I cut enough stock to make one for each side but I don’t think I’ll need to take it that far. A 1000mm machine might be a different story.

There would be lots of ways to execute this little tool and it could take some frustration out of the process. It seems like a common problem. Good luck out there!

That really is a novel idea and thanks for sharing.
It is a shame that you have missed 2 years of carving for time spent re-inventing the wheel.
I guess as long as you have enjoyed the experience all is well.
To each his own.
Please keep posting your mods and we hope to see some production from that machine soon.

Thanks, Mark! The 2+ years is much more of a personal indictment than anything against the X-Carve. I am EXTREMELY slow when it comes to stuff like this. Then I get sidetracked with little modifications and I am slow about that too :slight_smile:

My machine has a pretty modest set of upgrades; I added a Z-slider, 9mm belts, risers, and a Misumi table. Hopefully I can fire it up and start carving some really accurate stuff without having to worry about some of the common leveling/tramming issues.

I already love the machine for what it’s taught me, and I get a little proud every time I see it sitting there.