Tramming help needed for dummy

ive been through thread after thread videos and still don’t know where to start with aligning and tramming the machine.
ive cut pieces that leave a line through every pass. sanding is a nightmare…
if anyone can help it would be appreciated. or if anyone located in melbourne and can help in a more hands on approach i would be happy to pay for your time.

Find some 1/4" rod that you can bend like shown below.
Chuck end A into the spindle. DO NOT RUN SPINDLE WITH THIS IN THE CHUCK.
lower the spindle so B is just off the waste board.
By hand rotate spindle and observe gap from rod to waste board.
It should be the same thru full circle. If not you need to tilt spindle accordingly to resolve.
This is true providing your waste board has been milled to match X and Y planes.
Spindle can be tilted forward or backward with X rail connection to Y plates.
Tilting right or left can be done at Z connection to carriage.

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Thank you mark. This is a photo of what I’m facing at the moment.
I did try with the rod and it’s pretty even all round
So frustrating when you just don’t know what to do.
Thank you so much for your response.

You might try slower feed rate. That may be bit deflection.
What design software are you using?

I’m using the recommended from easel… ive cut before on these settings and have had such great edges.

Same bit or different?

Did you ever figure out the tramming for the machine