Transfering G code to easel from PhotoVCarve

Is anyone using PhotoVCarve and if so what machine (post Processor) are you selecting in order to be albe to import to easel?

I use tap gcode (inch), if that’s available to you. On the import window, you will have the change the selection to All Files.

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I don’t disagree, but as a vectric product owner, it’s not flawless. I have had problem with the pp for easel. tap never failed to import.

Which could be the problem, most of my carvings are 3d with a lot of detail.

I called this file CatGirl

The gcode version had 370707 lines
The tap version had 398563 lines

The image as it looks in vCarve

The error when using easel (Xcarve) PP

Ready to go with Tap

That worked, they need to update this page then:
It lists on the right the stuff which doesn’t work.

Thanks Mike!