Transferring handwritten to JEPG

I am in need of somebody that is good at transferring a hand written recipe to a jpeg file. I would like to take my grandmothers recipe is transferred to a piece of wood. Im new here and have not gotten to the point where I can transfer and clean up the copy. Please let me know if anybody is willing to help me. Thank you


My scanner can save the scanned documents as jpg files. If you have a scanner try it

So does mine. Just can’t get a super clear photo and there is some editing that needs to be done. I seen it done, just not to that capacity yet with having it for a week now

Have you tried putting it into Inkscape? and doing an image trace? if you want to email me I will look at it.


Take a photo of it (as good as you can, with good lighting) and post it here if you want to, I am sure you’ll get a “quick fix” from the community.

What you ask is a really quick job for someone with the skills :slight_smile:

That depends on the original and the desired outcome.

True, hence the desire for a good image with good lighting :slight_smile:

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