Transferring JPG to SVG or other X-Carve compatible format

I’ve got this JPG file and want to transfer it to an SVG or other compatible file for Easel… I can manage that easy enough but loose a lot of detail in the process… any suggestions would be appreciated.

Ideally you would get a vector original (usually they still require cleanup though).

In the absence of a good quality vector original you either need to:

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Thanks so much! Just getting started. About to buy the X-Carve 1000 this weekend and trying to get in front of the computer aspect.

Might need some work. Found an online “color” jpg to svg converter.


WOW! That’s amazing! Thank you! Can you point me to the converter you used? Really appreciate it!

You are welcome. I hope it helps. I just searched color jpg to svg. Looked through a few and settled on this site.

Good luck with your project.

I think Inkscape would give you good results when starting with a high quality image.
EDIT: Couldn’t help myself

I’m sorry, but what’s different about the lower two images posted? Not seeing it.

The lower image is a bit more regular/consistent and truer to the original pixel image — look at the letters which have more complex shapes such as P and E.

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Thanks! How much editing did it take after converting… I’ll try Inkscape as well as the other program Michael suggested. I’m guessing different programs provide better results depending on the application. Really appreciate the help!

I imported both images into Easel. The first of the lower two images was great but had a lot more work that needed done to it… great practice for me though given that I’m just figuring it out. The one provided from NeilFerreri1 which they were gracious enough to edit was a lot cleaner when imported in.

No editing.
Bring into Inkscape, trace bitmap, select “colors”, leave defaults.
In my opinion, Inkscape, or non-free equivalent, is essential for any graphic work.

Awesome… I’ll check in out. Ordering the X-Carve today… looking forward to getting started!