Transforming Images to a 2.5D/3D Format

I am new to the X-Carve/CNC world, but I have used imaging software like the Adobe suit. I have V-Carve Pro as my software and am trying to make my squadron patch as a carving. YouTube University has not been very helpful on how to transform a flat image into a 3-D file to send to the machine.

Any help on the subject will be greatly appreciated.

My understanding is you can import them into Vcarve or am I misinformed.

How can I “create” a 3D file? What software do I need?

A full-fledged 3D file would usually be an STL or similar, see:

List of apps at: and

EDIT: deleted query that upgrading to Aspire might be necessary.

Vcarve will allow you to cut geometry to various depths and to cut geometry as V carve / engraving paths which can have a 3D appearance.

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Look at that thread and play around with it.

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A couple of sites come to mind:

Here and Here

I am not sure if I fully understand your end goal of 3D or not but what I have done is use Easel to import the image and then generate the gcode. I then load the gcode into Mach3 and run on the CNC I built from scratch. I have found that easel does a fantastic job. Also note I am new to all of this so others please correct me.

Below is a sample done from Easel (Christmas present).
1st image is the picture jpeg I believe
2nd was the carve before doing any clean up


Should have posted them as links:

“Here” and “Here” doesn’t describe anything about the sites.

My apologies… I thought the title described what the OP wanted. Appreciate you adding clarity to an already known subject.

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