Transporting X-Carve

My unit arrives tomorrow! :smiley:

I will be assembling the unit in one room, then, moving it to another. Anything special to look out for when moving the finished unit?

I used to haul my SO2 around for demos (and still move my SO1 outside to cut) — in the stock size it’s nicely portable.

Make sure the gantry and carriage don’t shift, mind the motors’ overhang when going through doors / hallways, lift by the wasteboard, take it slow and easy.

A good practice would be to make sure the gantry is not able to slide in any direction. We’ve done this by taping some foam in between the spindle and the end plates. You don’t want it crashing from one side to the other.

Also be cautious of the wires. If you lift it up fast and are not mindful of the wires with enough force you can rip out the nice wiring job you just finished.

If you are careful everything should be fine.

Thanks! Maybe I’ll cut/print some parts for locking everything down.