Traverse Moves

Hey Gang,

Yesterday I made a simple Name sign with a ¼" Straight bit and a ⅛" downcut. The rough cut took about 2 hours with a ¼" straight bit at 150ipm and the detail pass started off was going to take about 5 hours at 50ipm.
What I noticed here was a lot of wasted time traveling between spots to cut a little then up Z and move all the way over the other side do a small removal and up again move 6" and do the same thing over and over.
Am I missing something in my setup to help eliminate these excess moves?

On another note the carve didn’t come out perfect, the final pass just trimmed around everything and left a small ⅛" gap around everything. Ugh this machine is driving me nuts


No, not much you can do to eliminate excessive moves

Did you reset your Z axis? and did you set the 1/8" bit in the exact same spot as you set for the 1/4" bit?

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Hi Russell

Well thats not good news about the excessive moves.

Yes I Z-Probed in the exact spot

Would using V-Carve eliminate the excessive moves?

I have seen people post about it and say that VCarve has better tool paths than Easel, I have VCarve but have not had it long enough to make a decision. I’m sure someone else would know the answer to that question.

My vinyl cutter will sometimes do the same thing when cutting out letters, it will cut out a paragraph and then come back and cut out the insides of the letters, like the a,e,o,R,P etc.
I operate an Epilog Laser Engraver and it does the same thing, cut out parts of a job and then comes back to finish