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Trays and bowls

I will agree it just needs to end. let’s just agree to disagree and move on nothing productive is coming of this. The issue i see is that some people seeing this might be put off from asking questions that someone could help them with for fear of a backlash.



imho this discussion is still relatively polite. I’ve seen it escalate much worse. It usually ends with a sentence containing ‘nazi’ or the like. And while it has certainly gone offtopic, it is a valid discussion with different opinions (which is allowed,no? ;-))

Is there a good guide on making bowls/trays? In particular how does one use a larger bit for the major cut outs and smaller bits for detailed work? Do I need multiple easel files and run the larger bit first, then go to more detailed work?

But what about the process for doing a two pass cut, so that you use the 3/4" bit for large sections of removal and a smaller bit for detailed work? Do you just setup two easel files and run one, then the other? How do you ensure everything is perfectly aligned in the end? Is there a guide that describes items like this?

Clip art is all over the net and you can do a extrude command in a 3d program to create your
3d object. Its easy. Some people think it’s a secret I guess.
Or take you scanner and scan in the drawing or maybe a leaf you pick up in the front yard
and clean it up in a software program maybe photoshop or Rhino 3d and way you go.
You don;t need these files from people, you can make something better.

You are so right.

Yes, you to be gentle, don’t aggressive. The scare is a great machine for the price. Although it has it limitation. Patience is a virtue😎

That’s usually the case, but this forum is, for the most part, above and beyond a positive experience for myself at least. I really expected more of the cutthroat and less of the helpfulness. You guys on here are super helpful. Its a warm fuzzy feeling kind of. Maybe I’ve not seen a good representation of threads yet but currently I’m thrilled with the sense of community here and the welcoming of those of you who are more experienced. This has been a great learning resource!

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