Tricking easel into using vbits

Ok looking for some instruction, what would you guys suggest if I want to use of a vbit but still use easel.

I know I could use the Chico upload her, but I have had very degrees of success with that. I know I could use the Gcode uploaded, but I have had varying degrees of success with that.

What result are you looking for? True v-carving? A chamfered edge? Just a line?

If you just want to follow a vector, pick the depth and do a cut on the line…

Tell Easel the bit diameter is .003 inches and set the depth of your cut to less than .03 inches

I just carved some names into bottle openers for a friend using Easel and the 30 degree V-bit. I told it the bit was .010" diameter, and cut old hard oak and maple at .030" and 30 IPM. Came out looking nice, but I think I will tell it the diameter is .005" next time to see if it cleans up the bottom a little more.

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I have been telling it 0.005" and doing .020 depth and it looks nice.

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I mainly want to do letter tracing, but when I did vcarve in aspire it seemed very shallow so a little more depth would be nice.

I am pretty sure you can change it in Aspire. I think all you need to do is set the “start cut depth” or something in the v-carve settings. Do you know what I’m talking about?

Another option is to simply thicken the lines. I think Aspire just creates a v-cut to be as thick as the lines will be. Or you could use a steeper degree v-bit. Options!