Tricky Image


A friend wants me to carve the image below, but I am new to image editing/cleaning up photos for a CNC.

Anyone have any advice or techniques on how to make this logo a little cleaner? The wings up top are really low resolution and he does not have a cleaner image

Thank you!


Many users in the Xcarve community use the services of Ashley Williams of Zeon Graphics over on FaceBook to manually re-trace images. I’m not sure how much they charge, but I think its along the lines of $20-$25.

You could search for another image of just the top part by itself and maybe use that if the image version is too grainy. I found this with a quick google search, it’s a little different, but you could probably find the exact one with some time searching…

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I have used Ashley exclusively for a couple years now. For CNC and laser files. She does excellent work for a VERY fair fee.

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