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Hi there. something that must be simple to do but I can’t figure it out. I have two circles that that I want to trim out a section of. Think of two circles beside each other with two lines connecting them. I want to trim out the circle in between the intersection of the circle and lines. In ACAD I would draw a circle and lines and just “trim” at the intersection.

I’ve tried the xploder but it actually doesnt put a break in the circle so I can edit the points back to an arc. I saw someone on youtube do this but I cant get it tot work for me.

Lets say youre making a slot, by using 2 parallel lines and arcs at the ends. The method of achieving this in easel is by using 2 circles and a rectangle and them using the Edit>Combine function.
However only closed vector shapes can be combined and discrete lines are not a closed shape so youd need to remove the lines and replace with a rectangle for this combine method to work.

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is this what you are trying to do?


Screenshot 2022-07-16 123251

It’s the yellow highlight I want to get rid of

when I do this by combining it makes a half moon instead of an arc.

Easel has limited capability, this might help

Newa little help.dxf (70.8 KB)

Can you share the easel project?

In easel go to project>share
Then set it to “unlisted” and copy the link shown
Then paste the link over here

We cannot edit your copy of the design, instead we can make a copy and edit that and share it back and provide the info on the method used :+1:

Oops, Apparently I had 2 mics recording at once . haha
So sorry about the weird sounds at times when it sort of echos/ crackles…

Thanks that first solution will work perfect, It never occurred to me to edit the node of the rectangle to create the arc. That’s the problem I have with being so used to ACAD I get blinders on. Thanks again for you time

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