Trim router users, how are you handling cord placement?

added a dewalt router to my xcarve and the cord is all over the place. i zip tied it loosely to the drag chain but it still doesnt seem like a good place for it. just wondering what you guys did with your cords. pictures would be awesome if you have them

I use the “zip tie to the drag chain” method as well, seems to be working just fine so far, anyway.

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Yep, zip-tied as well. On my 1000mm machine, the Dewalt cord followed both drag chains, and ended maybe 6" or so before reaching the end of my y-axis.

Ok maybe i just need to tighten the zip ties a little more. Seemed like the cord was slipping, twisting and pulling when it shouldnt. Ill give it a try.

I haven’t actually attached mine to the Y drag chain, just the X, and I have let it dangle off the back. I’m doing 99% of my work in the front eight or ten inches of the wasteboard anyway, so it hasn’t been a problem for me.

I cut the plug off and managed to pull it through the x drag chain, and put a new plug on the end.
(I had a left from string in the drag chain just for this purpose.)
The rest just hangs off the side, down to a relay controlled power outlet.
I am considering running some AC power wires up through the y chain and shorten the router power cord so they can connect with no extra slack.
It is all still pretty rough. I plan on making a cleaner setup later.

Mine runs straight up to a shelf above the machine. A bungee cord suspended from the ceiling keeps tension on the cord no matter where the router moves.


Hey, I like that idea!

I added more zip ties and tightened them down more and it works perfect now. Thanks guys!

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I also cut the plug off and ran mine through the drag chain. I used a tiny bit of wire pulling lubricant to make it easier.

@BadWolf - I think the best solution would be to mount a receptacle in the ceiling directly above the machine. Then plug it in there, making sure there is enough cord to reach all corners, but not so much that it hangs down in the way. It’s a simple matter of ripping out the drywall overhead, and running the wiring, then replacing all that and painting. Another benefit of this method is that if you ever need to unplug it in a hurry, it’s a straight pull.

But seriously, a better alternative might be something similar with a flexible rod of some sort mounted on one corner of your workbench/table that holds the cord up and out of the way so you are not routing the AC line next to all your DC and signal lines. If I can ever get some time away from work, I will try to come up with a solution and post pictures. Good luck.