Trimming Shapes

I have a question and cant seem to find it on the forums or google or youtube or netscape or myspace… I have a few shapes that i want to trim so they dont get carved outside a circle. See picture attached

wrong picture… hes the one i need to trim to look like the one above

Myspace and netscape…funny.

So what you have to do is mask it with a zero depth…share the project please.

Its all about the intersection of shapes…so the triangle bottom left would be zeroed out, same with the road that is overflowing…

try this

Do the following:

  1. Pin all of your shapes so you do not move them
  2. Add a square to your project and make it larger than the entire piece by a couple of inches
  3. Copy your circle outline, make it a pocket at Zero-depth
  4. Align the newly added square and the Zero-depth pocket circle such that they are centered on each other
  5. Combine the newly added square and the Zero-depth circle; you will now have a square with a hole in the center
  6. Align the newly created “square with hole” and your circle outline
  7. Unpin the circle outline, bring it to the front, repin the circle outline
  8. Unpin all objects you want to crop
  9. Select all objects you want to crop as well as the “square with hole” (Select the first, and then hold down shift to select more as a group)
  10. Combine all of these objects

Repin/ Unpin shapes as necessary …

At this point, all of the extraneous stuff outside of your circle outline should go away as well as the “square with hole” that you created.


Brandon Parker

Thank you… I think i got it… lots of work… How about a beta feature of “TRIM” LOL

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You can edit shape size/curvature by selecting the object you want to edit and press E.
This will allow you to edit that objects nodes, both in position and curvature.

yeah but when its a large shape that could be deleting lots and lots of nodes