Triquetra and UGS; what to do after it touches three side?

Hey there, just wondering if anyone was using the Triquetra touch plate that could help me out? I run the gcode and it touches all three sides but then im not sure what to do after its done. How do i get it to go to the starting point of my project? The steps i take on UGS are;

Home machine
move bit to the location close to the touch plate
run the gcode
…and then go here to find out what to do next!

any help would be greatly appreciated.

In UGS I just hit “return to zero” it usually will start to lower the z and then travel diagonally to the left front corner of the work piece. BUT, occasionally it decides to send the z on it’s way to the cieling and i need to hit “soft rest” to stop it. I have not figured out what is out of whack to cause this activity yet but i suspect it’s some modal thing ( G90 Or G91 ? ) I am not versed well enough in many facets of the g code language yet, for sure.

That happens to me as well.
I have not debugged it yet.

It seems to be just the way it’s designed to run since if it tried to go right to move to 0,0,0 immediatly after touching off on the block on 3 sides, the block itself would be in the way. then bad things tend to happen and bad words are invented/said, and it all goes downhill from there.

The macro does set 0,0,0, but it sets the spindle out of the way so the touch block can be removed if I undestand things correctly, (this is ALWAYS questionable) .
But returning it to 0,0,0 may not be necessary before running the file.the machine may recognize that it is x,x,x from zero and react accordingly. I will have to try this tonight when i get home if I can get some shop time.

I do like to jog the spindle back though with "return to zero " to visually confirm that it’s where it should be.