Triquetra CNC Christmas Drawings

Triquetra CNC Christmas Drawing.

Let the Games Begin!! Triquetra CNC Drawings! (as in more than one)

If you have already ordered a Touch Plate or Software from me in 2016 then you are automatically entered. If you place a new order from now through December 31st you will be automatically entered.

What’s the prize you ask? I will be refunding the purchase price to 4 Lucky winners for their Triquetra CNC order based on their order number. Winners will be selecting by a random drawing of orders placed between the following dates: (If you placed an order on or after December 11th you are already entered for that time frame)

December 11-17, 2016 Drawing Date December 18th 1 Winner. New Winner Selected Conrad Henderson - Alabama. Confirmed Winner!!

December 18-24, 2016 Drawing Date December 25th 1 Winner… And the Winner is… Michael Dehay - Florida Confirmed Winner!!

December 25-31, 2016 Drawing Date January 1st 1 Winner… And the Winner is… David Malmarowski - Illinois Confirmed Winner.

January 1 2016 – December 31, 2016 Drawing Date January 1st 1 Winner… And the New Winner is… Jeremy Simmons - Colorado Confirmed Winner.

Congratulations to all Winners and Happy 2017 to all from Triquetra CNC

To qualify:

1.) You must have placed and paid for your Triquetra CNC Order between the dates listed above.

2.) You will be notified via email if you are a winner.

3.) If you are notified that you are a winner, you must confirm via email that you have received your merchandise within 5 days after delivery or notification of winning whichever is later.

4.) When conditions 1 – 3 above are met I will issue a refund for the purchase price of your order less the shipping fee.

5.) If conditions 1-3 are not met then the winner will be declared invalid and I will draw a new winner for that particular time frame.

I will send the winning notification emails out the day after each drawing period ends. If there are no orders placed during one of the drawing periods above, there will not be a winner for that period. If there is only one order placed, that order will be the winner for that period.

Your chances of winning depend on the number of orders placed during each of the drawing periods.
The final drawing will include all orders received in 2016. If a previous winner is drawn in the final drawing, that winner will be declared invalid and a new winner will be drawn.

Winners will be drawn using a random number generator that will pick a number from a list of order numbers for each given time period.

Winners will be announced on this thread. The winners name will be shown as their first name and location only unless consent is received to publish their full name. So a winner will show up as “Charley - Texas” rather than Charley Thomas – Texas.

Winning Refunds will sent via PayPal. unless you contact me and request different and mutually agreeable method.


You are in the running for sure!!!

What if I pick myself? Hmm, Well since I didn’t buy one from myself I don’t suppose that would do me any good. I guess I don’t qualify. Dang it!!

Oh this does include international orders by the way. So anyone who has ever purchased a Triquetra Touch Plate or Software is included.

Hopefully, being order number 1, I am also included.

Yes sir you are. Have you tried the new Beta yet?

No, I didnt know it was ready. I’ll download it as soon as I get home.

Be sure to uninstall the old one first.

Can you send me the link again, please?

Go to the Triquetra User page and there is a link at the very top for Beta Testers. Let me know if you have trouble logging in. I redesigned the login screens so it is much simpler now. Here is the link though.


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Charlie, your link up above is misspelled.

I just fixed that. Good catch my friend.

Hey Charlie, Robert Canning tells me that you have a discount for forum members. Is his correct? Also will this work with Mach 3? I do not have the xcontroller or the grbl etc. I use Vectric and Mach 3. Thanks

I have finally moved and have my system set back up.
However some of the things I work on are small and the huge block of metal will not work very good.
So I am going to see if I can get a smaller one made for the small stuff I work on.
Also I should be able to get back to testing that app again. Feels like it took a lifetime to get moved…

Yes it does work with Mach 3. The included G-Code Generator creates code for both systems. Discount code is “3corners” at

Thank you for your interest,


Thank you sir. Just placed the order. Please note I sent a note on your website with regards to shipping.
Thank you

Charlie, it’s great that you are doing this! Always nice to know there are some business out there that appreciate their customers.

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That is almost 30% discount. It is awesome. That’s why I bought one.

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I don’t think you will find one cheaper even without the discount.

Thank you sir

Well poo poo, the first winner did not reply to my email as outlined in the drawing rules so he was disqualified and I drew a new winner. I have sent the email notification and am waiting on him to respond. Check your email guys, it could be you next!!! The next drawing will be tomorrow, Christmas Day, followed by two more winners drawn on January 1, 2017

Good luck,

Charley Thomas