Triquetra touch plate issues

Hi anyone using the triquetra touch plate out there having the same problem as me?
after running g code to set the touch plate to 0. the bit never touches the touch plate?

Did you check your com port speed. I think if you connect at 9600 which is what the default is with UGS, you will loose data during the transmission. It needs to be set at the highest level available which I think is 114,400.

Even still, the problem is not with the touch plate code. In your email to me you said that when you start tying code in the macro slots for testing that as soon as you entered a number the machine started moving without you sending any commands yet. That is NOT normal. Maybe someone else on the forum has seen this before and can offer some guidance.

PicSender also requires you to use the highest com port speed. I will start a new topic with the symptoms you described and see if anyone else has any suggestions.


I created a new topic asking for help. Here is what I wrote:

I have a customer that is using an X-Carve with the stock power supply.

His experience level is New to CNC

Machine just assembled

Using Universal G-Code Sender and PicSender.

Jog buttons are working as expected

When trying to enter a command in one of the empty macro slots the Z axis starts moving without any commands being sent to it. The command being typed is G38.2 X-1F3.

When the letter G is typed nothing happens, when the number 3 is typed the Z axis starts moving up. This is without clicking the macro button.

When loading a G-Code file it looks like the only line read is the very last line and all preceding lines are skipped over.

It seems that if he loads Easel things are working ok but I cannot confirm what he did in Easel. Inventables tech support won’t help because the problem is with UGS. The same problem exists in PicSender.

Any Ideas from the super smart CNC Guru’s?

I think more is happening than he is describing, can he take a video of what he is doing as he enters the command into the macro slot of UGS.

I was on the phone with him as he was typing the code. I was trying to determine if the machine was moving in the correct direction and stopping when it found the touch plate. I was telling him what to type as he entered the code in the macro slot. When he got to the number 3 in G38.2 it started moving. I asked him to power off his machine and close UGS then reload everything and it still did the same thing. I emailed him and asked about the com port speed but haven’t heard a reply yet.

I’m baffled, never heard of this before. I will ask him make a short video and email it to me. Hopefully I will get a look at the UGS screen and maybe something will pop out. One thing I am sure of though, It has nothing to do with the touch plate. It never gets far enough along.


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3 is the page down key on the numeric keyboard, I bet he has the arrow keys enabled. Tell him to use the “3” on the top row of the keyboard and not the “3” on the numeric keypad. UGS has a feature now that will let the arrow keys jog the machine. He probably has that feature in UGS turned on also.

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Thanks Allen,

I bet your are correct. I received the same advice from others as well. I sent him an email and am waiting to see if this fixes his problem.

Thanks Again,


Hi yes it was the number lock keypad that was causing it to move. But I am still haveing alram error after running the G code for the touch plate. I have read the fourms and found but still nothing they has listed works.

Hi ok I got it to move with the alligator clip off. as soon as I touch the clip to the touch pad it stops correctly. But when I put the alligator clip on the bit I get a alarm error right away before anything happens. Not sure shy that is?

Wrong clip? Not connecting the ground wire to the bit?

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The clip is the ground one. So not sure yet whats going on

yes correct

I am getting a alram probe any time I send the g code?

There are over 130 of Triquetra touch plates out there now. Only one guy reported that he had noise issues while trying to probe. While there may be others, none have came forward. The only other problem that I am aware of is the one in this thread. We determined that his problem was a faulty ground in his house wiring. He himself became the ground when he touched the touch plate with his hand during probing. I myself have discontinued use of limit switches due to noise issues. My wiring from my touch plate is zip tied to the bundle of wires coming from my controller all the way up to the machine. I am using plain old speaker wire for the touch plate and have NEVER had a noise problem while zeroing.

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soft / hard limits ?

The only limits I really care about is Hard limits. I don’t home my machine. I was just hoping for a limit switch that would stop movement if they were activated. My most common error is caused by me. I have been known to have the travel for the Z axis set to 1 inch rather than .1 inch. Then I get in a hurry and click the jog button 2 or 3 times to raise my z axis and before I realize my mistake it is all the way up and grinding away. I believe a Hard limit on the Z axis is supposed to stop it when it touches the switch but alas, it just breaks the switch instead. It has done that since day 1 and I have concluded that more care on my part would eliminate the need to spend more time trying to figure it out. Unfortunately, more care on my part slowly dissipates with the fading memory of my last collision, hence the need for a working limit switch!

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Hi Charley

I was just wondering whether MichaelHansen had his soft or hard limits set in a way to cause his problem ?

I CRUSHED my Z limit switch that way my first run with UGS. I can never seem to see that little “.” Is missing. Lol
I haven’t bothered to replace it.

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He didn’t have a limit switch issue but problems trying to use the touch plate. We finally determined that he did not have a proper ground in his shop wiring. When ever he placed his hand on the touch pate he himself became the ground which the machine read as a touch on the touch plate.

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