Triquetra Video for use with Picsender

Thanks, Charlie for the reply. It’s all making sense to me. I’ll see if I can put it into practice.

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Thanks, John. You and char have been very helpful. As I mentioned I have updated to the version you linked to, though I haven’t had a chance yet to try it out other than setting up Charlie’s Triquetra. I’ll be in touch after I have a chance to give it a go.

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My question is where do i find the gcode. I looked in the tool box but could not find it there. Give me a hint.

On the Main menu select the option that fits you software. Easel, Carbide Motion, Mach3, Generic GRBLE etc.


Generic GRBLE will work with UGS, and PicSender as well as others.

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I’ve chosen generic GRBL and it seems to be working. Not sure about the M02 checkmark though. I’m using an X Controller with an X Carve and Picsender.

I doubt you will need the M02. I always suggest leaving it unchecked to start out and then only check it if you get a end of file error.

Thanks again Charley. For everything