Triquetra zeroing

After you fine tune shank bit size of .25 will this fine tune work for a bit shank size .25 tapered end mill? The reason I am asking is since the end mill is tapered the bit touches the Triquetra in the tapered part of the bit. The diameter at this point is not .25. It is actually .176. Seams to me this will throw my zero off.

Can you move the bit further down before starting so the shaft and not the end, touches the side of the plate?

No, the tapered end of the bit is to long.

If I fine tune the bit at that point will my zero still be the same? I am asking because I have already roughed out my carving and I want to do the finish part of the carve and I need the bit to start at the same place.

How did you set your zero with the first bit? Did you remove and replace the workpiece? Just leave it there. You should only need to probe for Z, and the taper doesn’t matter.
If you moved it, use a different bit to probe XY, chuck your tapered bit, and probe Z.

I zeroed with the Triquetra. I did not move the workpiece. I will give it a try. thanks

I should be more specific. When you set your work zero, you are sending gcode commands to your controller. The two common ways are to send a G92 (not remembered by the machine) or G10L20 (remembered by the machine until you change it). If you used the G10L20 command, your zero will be the same, no need to rezero if you don’t move the workpiece (and have homing switches). If you used G92, the work zero resets when the controller does. Re-zero with a bit of known diameter, then switch to your tapered to probe Z.