Trouble carving full letters

I’m having troubles getting letters to carve entirely. If you notice the left side of the A both sides of the N. Parts are deep as they should be while others barely scratch the material. I’m using a 30° .01 engraving bit. Thanks for the help.

Typical suspects are

Waste board not flat
Material thickness inconsistent
Bit not secure in collet
Bit not square to work plane

When V carving I set the minimum depth to 0.04" to avoid any material thickness issues.

Wasteboard is flat. Bit is tight. I switched to a 60° and same issue. Material is consistent, I planned it myself, it’s only 10x6 and is used as a sliding lid to a wood box. The bit is square as I tightened all the wheels. Earlier I used a 3.92 tapered ball bit and it worked as I needed, I just didn’t have 34 hours of time. I may have to resort back to that bit and speed things up.

Seems the font was the issue. I think where it didn’t run deep was due to it cutting too wide. I’ll need to work on learning how to combat that. Any tips would be appreciated. This photo I used the 30° .01 engraving bit from Inventables. If it matters this is .10 deep.