Trouble converting svg to gcode

I’m sure you all have seen the engravings from Marvel and Star Wars. I have SVG files for both and am having trouble converting them to GCode.
Attached are the files. Any and all advice or information will be greatly appreciated.
MarvelCalendar_bySandyEggoCNC - Shortcut.lnk (1.1 KB)

~star_wars.svg - Shortcut.lnk (1.2 KB)

Looks like you uploaded your shortcuts to the files.
Have you imported to Easel?
What have you tried?

Yes I have imported them into easel and when I go to generate GCode it starts out and seems to lock up. I even let it run for over an hour with no progress.
Inkscape doesn’t seem to have gcode for conversion.
I have tried other open source software with not luck at all.
I want to engrave them on a New Carve cnc.

Many have carved those files here. Search the forum for Marvel Calendar and you’ll find comes and easel projects.
Inkscape can generate gcode but you’ll want to Vcarve those. Have you

It takes a long time to generate the tool paths, Marvel close to an hour, Star wars around 45 minutes, be patient it will eventually start, assuming you uploaded the SVG straight into easel

here’s an stl (8.7 MB)