Trouble creating a design

While creating a design for a clamp, I placed a hole at one end and a rectangle bar at the other end. I then clicked to combine the design. The design turns black. At that time I adjust the cut scale and both the hole and the rectangle are gone. What am I doing wrong?

Hi @GeneNixon, can you share the project? Ideally without combining the shapes, so that we can see both before & after. Thanks!

HI rodovich, I shared the design today on Easel. The name is Coin Clamp. Thanks Gene

OK, it sounds like what’s happening is that the clamp outline, circle, and rectangle are all set to some non-zero depth before you go to combine the shapes. The Combine Shapes feature will combine all the areas that have positive cut depths and remove any areas for shapes that have depths of 0.

You can have the hole and rectangle be excluded from the clamp shape by setting their depths to zero:

(Although for this particular design you might not even need to combine the shapes. I think you could get by just by setting the circle and rectangle to be outline cuts all the way through the material.)

Thanks rodovich, I have another design problem and when I get back to my shop I will fill you in. Again thanks, Gene.

A new design am having problems with. The design name is NAME WR which is an outdoor sign. I need to correct the letter W from crossing the word WRIGHT. Thanks for your help. Gene