Trouble getting gcode from Fusion that works

I am having trouble getting gcode from Fusion 360. I have a small box as a test that is located 1.5 inches from the origin in each direction. It keeps telling me that my part is under the smart clamp and that I need to move it for it to import successfully. What am I doing wrong?

gcode attached. (86.1 KB)

@BrianBattaglia In your CAM Setup, you need to specify your WCS origin. It sounds like, in your case, you can use a sketch point that you place 1.5" from the top corner of your model.

@NeilFerreri1 yes I saw that and that was originally tripping me up. But as you can see in the screenshot, I have the Wcs origin 1.5 inches away (set to be the same as the model origin).

@BrianBattaglia It’s in the SETUP where you need to set the WCS origin. If you share your F360 file, I can take a look when I get to a computer.


box.f3d (107.3 KB)

Attached is my Fusion 360 file.

Figured it out after posting my file! Sure enough, it was under the setup menu, which I was unaware of. What I was setting (by clicking on the WCS icon in the tree) was the tool origin. I was able to import successfully into Easel. I guess I don’t know what the tool origin is for…

@BrianBattaglia Glad to hear it. I’m pretty sure you want to set the WCS origin on the same plane as the TOP of your model. Otherwise, you’ll carve a bunch of air before you get to your stock. When you import the code into easel, you should get an idea of what it will do. As far as the tool orientation, I’m pretty sure that is to set up toolpaths for models that you will be milling on more than one side. Picture your box, but with engraved letters on the sides. You’d have fusion 360 generate the toolpath based on how you flip your material. That said, I never have used that feature so I could be way off.

@PhilJohnson The Carvey, when run through Easel, utilizes the smart clamp which automatically sets an origin offset from the top of the material.