Trouble getting to set-up of Easel and connecting to my compter

I set up my X-Carve and I am having trouble getting it to connect to my laptop.

I go to Machine/Set up new machine/ it tells me i need to download Easel Driver (already downloaded)
I go to Carve and it says I need to download Easel Driver.
Also, I have Easel Pro. Sometimes it shows Pro on the carve button and sometimes it just shows Carve.

I have both green lights on my Controller
I have downloaded Easel driver/deleted and reinstalled
I have disabled my windows security
I have Super Anti Spyware on my laptop.
The Emergency shutoff button is in the correct position
I know what port I am using. I just cannot get to that screen on setup.

Someone said I should force the driver. I have no clue how to do that.

Any thoughts?

If you have not already try a different USB cable. I had this problem and it was the cable. Worth a try

I will try that!

Yeah that’s a no go!