Trouble in removing the collet from the original Dewalt 611 nut

Hi folks, as a router newbie, how do I remove the collet from the Dewalt 611 original nut? It seems like the collet is very very tight to pull it out from the nut. Do I need a special tool to force it out?


You shouldn’t have to remove the collet from the nut.
I you want to change cutter diameter, (1/8 inch) you should use a dedicated nut and collet.


Do you have the collet were the insert snaps into the nut? If you have this style there is a post on how to use it, I cant seem to find it.I learned the hard way myself. Steve

Hi All, thanks for the advice. The original nut has the collet snapped into it… I wonder it cannot be unsnapped as it is very rigid even using two piler to dismount it. All I want to do is to buy other 6mm / 8mm collets so that I can expand my bit collection. If the nut cannot be off, I will then have to find both collet and nut that can be fitted on Dewalt.