Trouble using a DXF file

I’ve been giving a DXF file to carve on my X-Carve and for the life of me I’m not sure how to make it usable. I’ve attached screenshots of the part in LibreCAD and what it looks like in Easel. It is completely mis-interpreting the part so I’m not sure what to do. Any hints would be most appreciated as their are several parts to make if I can figure it out.

Could you share the file?

Hi @MichaelPalma
It is difficult to see but the image of the DXF you posted looks like a 3d rendering - is that the case?

If DXF importing is not working for you, what you can try is to export the file as an SVG and try importing that.

In any case if you don’t mind send me the file please - it would be valuable to us to improve the DXF import app.


Is this part a flat part or does the original have a 3D shape?

Here is the file I was given from Solidworks.LH corner extension strip.DXF (59.5 KB)

It is 3D, should I ask them to export as a different file type?

I will ask for SVG.

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I had the drawing rotated to top-down view and they removed the filets and that helped loads. Thanks you for your thoughts on the matter.