Trouble with Easel and SVG files

Hi guys, need some help with Easel. I’ve used it a few times with my shapeoko 2 and have had some success cutting, but I’m just having a hard time getting it to import and cut svg files properly from adobe illustrator. First, when I import the file, it says it is too big, and when I ignore it is taking the outline of the object and separating it from the rest. More annoyingly, I can’t get the cutting path to be correct, the lines in the SVG are all drawn as on center paths I believe, so when I pick cut outside it does something goofy, when I say cut inside it’s not right, and neither is cut on path. How do I take a part drawn in Illustrator and get the formatting correct between the paths and the layout so it cuts what I want? Just having a hard time with this…


Hi @ThomasLavoie try grouping the elements before you export the SVG from Illustrator.

A simple FREE bmp to svg converter for windows is CR8tracer. Create your image in almost any graphics program, save as a bmp file, open in CR8tracer, save as svg file, use in easel. Works for me. Download available at