Trouble with easel the door is open

hi all i seem to be asking questions all the time on easel well i do hope you can guide me to finding out my problem
yesturday the cnc was carving then stopped half way though i then homed it back to the start then i tried to move into my work position
then a label came up cannot move the machine while the door is opn
some have said i may have clicked the wrong tab when setting up the machine and set to carvey but this was not the first set up its been running for the past few months
the machine is the xcarve pro
any help would be greatfully recieved
after seeing this message i went to restart the computer there was also a update
but this update was after seeing the message so after the update and restarting i still had the same problem thank you bryan

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Can you go through the computer set up again?

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