Trouble with Easel

I tried creating a project in Easel. I added the rectangle object, but the system would not let me resize it. When I try to select the resizing tab, the cursor only lets me move the originally sized object around the work piece. When I imported an .svg file, I needed to rotate it and the system would not let me do that either. While doing all of this, I realized that it would be nice to have a feature that could be used to automatically center an object on the work piece, similar to the Vectric products. I am using a Windows 7 machine. Please advise.

the rotate feature is on the corner of the object and rotate in the line coming up from the top middle. There are centering buttons at the top.

I noticed today that there is a “lock” next to the size of the dimensions. This could be why you are unable to re-size it.