Trouble with G-Code Import from Vectric to Easel

I’ve been importing g-code from Vectric Cut2D into Easel for quite some time with absolutely no issues. That all changed yesterday, I have a client project to finish up, however my cut is offset from my material and I cannot figure out why. All of my settings in Vectric show that the cut is centered in the material, however when I import into Easel it shows my cut shifted up and the the far right limits of the material. This has ruined 2 pieces of material so far and I’m running out of time to figure this one out.

Searching on here hasn’t yielded anything helpful so far, so perhaps someone could take a look at these screenshots to see if anything is blatantly obvious? I haven’t done anything differently, made any changes, etc, so it’s perplexing me as to why the sudden lack of functionality.

Screenshots are of example project for illustration purposes only.

Easel and Cut2D screenshots

Try using a different Gcode sender. I use picsender. I think it is $25.00. Universal Gcode Sender(UGS) is free

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the advice! I had actually tried UGS after I posted this thread, but ran into the exact same issue. It has to be a problem with my settings in Cut2D, however I can see no issues.

Looks like your material in Easel is 10x10 while it’s 12x12 in your design.
Hard to see with the screenshot quality, though.

I’ve never had to change the material size in Easel as I only use it to send g-code to the X-Controller.

I actually just upgraded to Vcare Pro and my issues are gone. Prior to upgrading I uninstalled and reinstalled Cut2D multiple times and the problems persisted.

My point is that if the material is actually 12x12, there’s another two inches of material to the right and looks like more to the top. I think it would be centered on a 12x12.
If you share the Easel project or the gcode, we could tell for sure.