Trouble with GRBL $102 changes

Every time I change the settings in GRBL Z $102 to the numbers I want it works great but next time I log in in goes back to default. It is the only line that changes.I have to reboot the program after each cutting I do.
I am getting alot of experiences from all the things you can have done wrong but hanging in there.

Are you running machine setup before each carve?
You should not do that, it will revert to the default settings when you do that.

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I have to pretty much have to reboot after each carve because I never have good luck doing the carve. The carve goes bad when I restart, the bit goes right plunges deep and goes diagonal up to the left. Easel can be very difficult to me at times

What @MarkA.Bachman is saying is that you shouldn’t do the setup each time. Change your $102, do your carving. The next time you’re in Easel, DO NOT run the machine setup. Just carve.

why does it always tells me to setup machine and all the grbl codes dodo not change but 102 goes default
There has never any direction on how to do anything with easel other than trial and error, lots of wasted wood.

That sounds like a browser issue.
Unfortunately I dont know browsers well enough to know how to handle that, hopefully others might chime in.

You could try a different browser and see if its more behaved?