Trouble with Image!


I am having trouble editing an image for a project for a retiring Marine buddy. Does anyone have advice for editing multicolored images to make them work with Easel well for a carve?

A simple image trace doesn’t work, probably due to the complexity and multiple colors of the image I am using.

Thank you ahead of time for any advice!! Image is below:

The best thing to do would be to redraw the image, I should have some time this evening and I will see what I can do

What software do you use to do that?I now have VCarve Pro which a lot of people say is the best program to edit imagery for the CNC, but still need to play around with it

Thank you very much for your help, by the way

With V Carve you can trace individual colors. That would help a lot with that image.
Vectric has some good tutorial videos as well. Look them up on YouTube.

You’re welcome, I use CorelDraw and Illustrator to draw my images. I bought VCavre a couple months ago and need to learn it.
What are you doing with the image? a simple carving or cutting out all the shapes?

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Russell, that looks awesome as usual. You do an excellent job and help the community more than people realize. Thank you


That he does Phil, more than most people realize!


Wow, thank you so much for the help! I am going to get those two programs and try and work on my image editing! I need to learn this stuff to get better

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If you would like to save a lot of money, take a look at GIMP for images and Inkscape for vectors. Both are free and although they take a bit of work to understand, there are a load of great instructional videos for either one. Don’t expect to do much when you first open them, but follow along with the teaching videos and you’ll be able do pretty much whatever you need within a reasonable period of time.

Thank you and you’re welcome @PhillipLunsford and @SteveMoloney. I like to help out people that are doing things for the military, police and first responders.


You’re welcome William,
Mike mentioned InkScape, I have played around with InkScape and it has done everything that CorelDraw can do and its free. I use Corel because of its compatibility with the equipment that I operate. Corel can cut directly to a Roland or Graph-Tec vinyl cutter and Corel works great with Epilog lasers. Download InkScape and start playing around with it, watch YouTube videos.