Trouble with letter inlays

I am working on a project for a friend, its a new guitar volume pedal cover. He wanted maple text in walnut background. I am able to cut out the letter recesses in the walnut using the fill option no problem. When I got to cut out the letters to inlay into the walnut with the outside outline option, its cutting too narrow, sometimes just cutting another fill. Not sure what I am doing wrong. You can see a little in the top pic of how skinny the letters are turning out. Not sure if i need to change bit, but am using a 1/16" bit. Any suggestions appreciated. My practice carving is below. thanks

Use the inlay generator that Paul Kaplan made. You can find it in the app library in Easel. It works great! Absolutely perfect fit inlays.


Thanks Jeff, this looks like it will work better. I will try one out this weekend.

BTW, I’ve found a tolerance setting of .005 in the app works good for a snug but not to tight fit.

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Thanks to Jeff Parish and Paul Kaplan, I think I have it all hashed out. Here’s the projects I was working on: a custom guitar pedal cover and a custom cutting board. Thanks guys!

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Those turned out killer…congrats!

WOW. That is amazing.

Thanks for being awesome and making it easy with the software. Keep it up!