Trouble with V carve Desktop

I have calibrated my X carve again after adding Phantoms screw drive, which is working fine, I also use V carve desktop, so in Vcarve I set up a trial carve, a 6.5in square with 3 circles inside 6in 4in 2in, I used profile toolpath and it was set to cut inside left at shallow depth of cut 0.05in, it cut perfect circles and a perfect square, but,
the square was cut inside left
the 6in circle was cut outside right
the 4in square was cut inside left
the 2in square was cut outside right
has anyone got any idea what the problem is, probably me?

If you set up your toolpath in v carve grouped together as a single cut, v carve did what it was told to do. V carve sees multiple path selections as a group, not as individual paths.

Re calculate your toolpaths individually, and then combine the toolpaths when you post process and save them (save toolpaths all to a single file)


Thank you Al, now I know what the problem is, I will try what you said today, it was only a test to see if it was calibrated right, but it’s good to know

You are very welcome! I just say this response, so please forgive my delay in answering you.

I hope that you have it all figured out !