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Not sure where to start x carve seems to have a mind of its own. For one instance while carving a sign it was doing ok then all of a sudden it goes completely off of path right through the middle of sign and just stops. Sign is ruined of course. My waste board was a little high in the middle so I decided I would flatten it so I sent my carve to be 1/4" deep and set it to carve out a pocket 29.5 by 29.5 it did fine but then just stop as it was completed AT ONLY 20 BY 20. A few other times it would quit carving in middle of a sign. I bought this used and he said it was not used much. I upgrade the z axis and steep motors changed the setting as I was supposed to. I live in Rochester Indiana and would happily pay someone to come to me and help me out if anyone is closer? I cant come to you I am a double amputee confined to a wheelchair so a I don’t drive. Any help would be appreciated it just seems like. I am not a complete idiot as I probably sound like. Thanks for your time and have a wonderful day…

Jim G

Maybe the video in this is what happened, after a computer update or something similar. Need to reset the GRBL settings

The most common reasons for a carve to just quit are Static related EMI (shop vac & the hose not being properly grounded is the usual culprit)
OR USB Selective Suspend and this is a very easy one to address via windows settings:

OH AND NO, SLEEP and Power Settings being set to “Always ON” Do nothing for this USB selective suspend setting, and this is a new February 2021 Windows update that added this feature and turned it on for everybody by default…

What CDD Said and referenced is also a possibility for certain issues, but I think your specific issue is one of those I mentioned above :+1:

I would gladly visit, but I live in Virginia… :slight_smile:

Just a few questions:

How do you have the router power cable running?

Have you checked the brushes on the router lately? The 611 tends to produce more arcing/sparking on the commutator when the brushes start to get low which produces more EMI as well as power draw surges.

Are the shields/drains on the stepper motor cables connected to GND on the controller side?


Brandon Parker

Thanks you so much I didn’t realize that. I will check that out and see if the setting have changed. I appreciate your time.


Hey Seth,

Thanks so much I changed the sleep settings and the USB selective setting to disable. Now just need to ground my dust collection. I have it hooked to harbor freight dust collection and its the only thing I have hooked to it. What is best way to ground my hose? I will search here I’m sure its been asked a lot. I will check out your YouTube channel also. Thanks again and have a great day!

Thanks so much for the info its over my head on checking the brushes on router I have no idea how to do that but I will research and do it. I guess the stepper motors are grounded but I’m not sure. Stepper motor run directly the the back of controller plugged in and I do have homing switches on two. Should I have a separate grounds on the motors? Thanks again


I actually have a HF Dust Collector as well, but I have a 4" flexible metal foil ducting as my final hose extension (it was cheap and I’m frugal, hey, don’t bash it its worked fine the past 24 months, but it is starting to get some small mirco holes…) BUT its clamped to the cnc frame which is grounded so my hose is grounded without needing to wrap a wire around it :thinking:

and now I’m about to buy a new hose, and I think this conversation just talked me into getting another cheap metal foil one as it has had 0 EMI issues, (EXCEPT FOR ONE DAY when i took the clamp off that was holding it to the frame in the back and as I needed the clamp for a glue up) that’s the ONLY time my cnc lost connection mid carve in the past 2 years…

as soon as it happened i looked at the hose and realized it was not longer touchingthe grounded frame, but was touching the Z stepper right where it had lost connection… :man_facepalming:

Here is an image of a shield and a drain. Connecting the shield and/or drain of the stepper motor cables to GND on the controller should help any noise coming back through them.



Brandon Parker

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