Troubleshooting cut depths

Hello! I am new to CNC and having trouble with the cut depths going deeper and deeper. We’ve checked all the screws to make sure nothing is loose and checked to make sure spindle is square to the board.

Z loosing steps causing it to ride lower and lower?
We dont really have much to go on here :slight_smile:

What is your total depth of cut? Is that a finished carve or did you stop it mid carve?

If your total depth is .15 and your depth per cut is .05 it will make three passes to complete the carve.

Like Haldor noted more information would be good.


Are the set screws that hold the pulley on the Acme screw tight?

Hi everyone! Thanks for the feedback. It ended up being a loose wheel and the band on the top (not familiar with all the terminology yet) not being right enough.