Trying to carve out a picture but

Hi, it’s me again… I am having trouble trying to carve out a picture of one of our dogs, and she is a light color hair and I am having issues. I am trying to use inkscape to create the path, but when I try to do the trace to path with brightness cutoff I keep running into it either doesn’t pickup much or it goes a blob of black and I can’t see that coming out good. So I tried colors, and that shows a good picture, but on my carving using a 1/6 straight bit, with standard speeds already put in by easel, on a light colored hardwood with cut inside box it isn’t coming out very good. Any suggestions? Different bit and size? Faster rate? Anything better to use or tweak in inkscape? A better program than inkscape for this? F engrave maybe? I am just trying to get a light carving maybe 1/8 to maybe a little less than 1/4.

And again I am not skilled at this at all, have an E4 cnc router with a dewalt 660.

Thanks in advance for any tips.

I have good luck with a 30 deg. bite and set the cutter size to .010 point size. you are using the point not the hole cutter

Thank you for the information Ralph, and Happy Easter.