Trying to cut apattern

Hi all, Just learning to do this cnc stuff and I can’t work out how to do this. I’m trying to do the ford oval for a friend and I can’t work out how to make the letters stand out above the oval. Any help would be good. Oh yeh I’m using Easel Pro if it helps.

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Assuming you’re using SVG for the logo, you need the paths for the oval and the letters to come into easel as separate objects - this goes to the SVG design. For example when I use Adobe Illustrator to trace a path of a JPG to create the SVG, each letter / element saves as separate from the next. Alternatively, you could also edit 2 versions of the logo - 1 as oval only, one as letters only, import them both and align.

If you know they are already separate but still can’t adjust independently, look to make sure your objects aren’t grouped in Easel.

Once they are in separately you can select each element and adjust the height / cut depth separately. For example, background as 3/8" depth, oval as 1/4" depth, letters as zero depth.

Hope this helps.

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you’d need to do something along these lines to get the Raised text. Using an Oval shape as the perimeter of both the pocket and another oval shape as the full depth cut.

Thanks for the suggestions. Apparently the pattern is a dfx file and all 1 piece. I will see if I can find a svg file.
Another problem I’m having is when importing a stl file I can’t change the finishing 1/8th bit to a 1/16. Probably a simple thing but not to me. Be gentle I’m old.

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for the ford sign, you can download the SVG file here:

Steps in Easel:

  1. resize and reposition
  2. select each component and adjust cut depth
  3. select the object - copy and paste and then delete the words and inner oval to leave an outer oval
  4. resize this to form a border (you may adjust without constraining dimensions
  5. adjust depth to depth of your stock
  6. send to back

It should look something like this:

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for the STL - you can add a custom bit to suit your needs:

When selecting your finishing bit, click: Add a Bit

Enter the details:
Screenshot 2022-12-02 at 7.03.02 AM

It should then show as a bit in your list under Custom.

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if adding a tapered bit, see SethCNC’s instructions here: How do you add a tapered ballnose bit? - #2 by SethCNC

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