Trying to Drill holes is putting me deeper in the hole

Iam trying to drill a series of 1/4" holes in a project. I can place the hole on the project, but I can’t set the height and width. The shape box just shows 0.00 and can’t be changed. Therefore, all I get if I try to carve is an error message.
Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Maybe I should take up knitting instead of doing this?

Drilling holes just sets the point to center the bit.

Bit selection sets the diameter. If you want an eighth inch hole, use a 1/8 bit. A quarter inch hole, a 1/4 bit.

Set the depth like you set the depth for any carve.

I made an example file that I think (hope) explains the hole drill function, which functions a little bit differently from the normal carving rules.

thank you. I see where I went wrong now.

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