Trying to figure out a good depth with a Vbits?

So bear with me I’m using a MPCNC that I just built a few weeks ago. I got a 1/8 45 degree and 60 degree bit. They look smaller than what inventables sells.

I’m soo lost as to what depth to run to really show the v carve. Any advice…

Use your preview to see what it will look like, your preview screen will show you how much work the v bit has to do.

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Im new to Easel…when you choose Vbits as your tools are they assuming you are using their vbits with a 1/4 cutting area?? I only ask because granted yes I am picking 1/8 bits but the 1/8 vbits I have look to have a much smaller head on them vs what Inventables sells.

Heres the vbit I grabbed off amazon for instance for a 60 degree…

Compared to…

Overall I really like how easy the Pro is to use coming from the cam system I started with. I do have to convert the g code to work with Marlin which is pretty simple. If I can nail down using vbits and have a nice looking product I will definitely be getting a sub for pro.

Deepest you can go would be: (with 60° bit)
.0625" (radius of end mill) * tangent(60 degrees) = 0.1"

I’d leave it there.

90° would just be 1/16"

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Thanks I’ll have to play around when I get home and remember that little formula. I noticed that the cuts I’ve done so far have been using the 1/4 size Cutter Head Setting on the vbit Drop down instead of the 1/8 Cutter head size. I’m curious to see if it makes any difference at all.

So im a bit lost…if I do .0625 * 60 im getting =3.75

Im sure im doing something wrong with the tangent…I did pretty crappy in high school with math lol.

Later, when I get to a computer, I’ll try to post the reason for the math.

In the meantime, tan(60) = √3
tan(45) = 1

For V-bit carving, using Easel Pro - the only two bit parameters you need to nail down is width (widest cross section of the V-part) and the angle of bit. Enter those two into Easel Pro.

Easel assumes the V-Bit has an infinite cutting width. If you’re using a small diameter engraving bit, it may assume too much. Going beyond 0.108" with a 1/8" 60deg bit will not cut any wider than 1/8th, but Easel doesn’t know that. The depth per pass will always have to be less than .108". Most people use 1/4" or 1/2" v-bits and don’t cut beyond that depth per pass.

@IanBelward I hay not have been clear. The numbers I gave you would be the max depth of cut per pass.

It does? Curious why V-bit diameter is asked for then.
V-bit carving rarely go very deep so in a practical scale its a non-issue.

Can you share your Easel-file?
Easel - File - Share - Shared with link, copy URL and click Save. Post URL here.

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@HaldorLonningdal Sure im pretty green with this stuff…I do okay with cutting with a end mill just the vibts are tripping me up. As a matter of fact im attempting to cut a union for a flag and on the 50 stars its saying that its going to take an hour when other guys can do it in 10-20 mins. I cant quite figure out where im screwing it up.

Heres the project im trying:

You probably didnt click Save in the"URL window" before closing it and pasting the URL here :slight_smile:
Its not publicly available, the Save is required.

Hmmm…I just left it as a default 90 or 60 without entering custom values. I’m not sure what Easel does with this info.

If anyone has time to play around, you can make Easel do some bizarre things with the V-bits.

Whoops sorry…apparently im having major issues with my settings something is def off compared to what other people get for speeds.

Try this

@IanBelward Ignore most of the info I posted above…as @HaldorLonningdal said, unless you’re trying to cut abnormally deep, you should be ok.
To your original question about v-carve depth to get a good appearance…how will you finish the piece? If you’re painting, I can’t think of a reason to go beyond .1" other than if you’re using a wider end mill, you’ll save time avoiding flat spots.

If you carve the stars full depth with a 1/2" 90° bit, the machie just makes five “moves” per star. With a narrow bit, you’ll have to do multiple passes and/or carve a flat bottom pattern. That takes time.

Doesnt look like the diameter value add anything to the equation, seems like Easel assume V-bit have infinite length :wink:

So I think I need to bite the bullet and order some bigger diameter 1/4 v bits to speed things up. I’ll most likely just order the ones from inventables although I’m not running a X Carve maybe the auto settings will work for me.
I think these 1/8 bits are way too small to be doing what I wanna do.

Greater diameter V-bits also = greater cutter edge speed.
My goto V-bit is a 60deg 10mm bit (6mm shank)

So does everyone typically use the easel auto settings and just run with it? Also does it show anywhere what it would have the x carve running for spindle speed? I dont own one but plan on getting a speed controller to try to get my dewalt 660 close.

speed 1
Depends on your machine and modifications you do, the inventables settings are very conservative, I pretty much never use the stock settings. I have stiffened my rails so that made mine cut tons better.