Trying to figure out a good depth with a Vbits?

Use Easel suggested rates as a starting point and use minimum RPM, but utlimately you’ll need toget to know your machine/bits and adapt. There is a learning curve and carving stuff - even trivial things - will provide a learning experience :slight_smile:

I have probably learnt the most when I screwed things up :wink:

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So at the moment ive left the default settings and ive made a few cuts with it. They seem to be working and I have the ability to turn up the feedrate with the LCD screen scroll wheel. So far im able to crank up the feed rate to around 125 to 150%.

I also dont have an ability to change the RPM’s at the moment but I can get a speed controller from HF. I dont want to throw too many variables to change since im so new so ill stick with the 30k for moment. I frankly just dont know what im supposed to be hearing during a good cut and what my chips should look like.

While its not a direct “No-no”, 30k RPM is very fast. You run the risk of taking too thin “slices” off your material causing it to rub more than actually cutting.

Wood tend to harden when they heat up, increasing rubbing and your tool will go dark. There are applications that call for high RPM, mainly small diameter tools.

Std Dewalt611 RPM is 16K which is more than enough for most, my Makita is at about 10K and that is enough to go efficiently through 3/4" MDF in 3 passes at 100ipm (I dont run an Xcarve though) .