Trying to find a source for 22mm Diameter 7mm thick discs

I am working on a project that needs at least 50 solid (no holes) stainless steel or brass discs that are 22mm diameter and 7mm thick.

I have looked in all the usual places and have not found any discs this thick.

I need the price per disc to be under $1

If anyone has an idea where I can find them please let me know.


Try somewhere like and see if they will cut them from solid rod

hey allen do you need stainless or brass?

and what grade of material do you need I might be able to facilitate something for you

let me know

Brass would be my first choice. I need a mirror finish on the top and bottom of the disc with no tool marks.

What type of finish would cutting it off a rod leave?

I guess I can buy brass plate and mill discs out of that.

I think your price point might be difficult. You are talking about three ops… Cutting stock (rod or plate) turning on a lathe to size… then lapping on a surface grinder for finish. if you talking about a large batch you might want to talk to a machine shop. I make something like what your looking for at work… and I can tell you they cost a good bit more then $1… just looking at… 1" brass round would be $216.18 which would make 130 blanks or so…2 hours to make program and setup, about 2 to 3 hours to turn off the first side…1 hour to set up for second (backside). 2 hours or so to turn the back side. then a few hours to do the lapping and polishing. I know at our shop… time on a lathe is around $75hr for a simple turn like that…

My only other option would be to find some brass discs that are already being produced that are close to the size I need.

just for giggles, download software and see what they price it at. You should be able to do that it 10 or 15 minutes.

see if you can find one that would work here

they have 1/4" thick with is close to your 7mm

again… try your local Machine shop… we have “disk” left over from when we cut holes on our waterjet that we just throw in the scrap bin… both Naval brass and SST… you could then turn them down yourself if you have a lathe.

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